Ain’t No Sunshine

To feel a somber calm
Like lying on pure ground
Watching mystical stars flicker past.

Green grass fluttering,
Surrounding like the breath of a
Luxurious autumn day sunrise.

Releasing emotions of a love’s kiss
Confines the soul as Bill Withers
Soothes the mind with unlimited grace.

Lyrics break hearts and
Perfectly adjusts them
Bringing ease into every bodily opening.

An antidote for stress and worry
Creating innocence of a precious child
Just delivered or a virgin on her first date.

Summoning a mighty lion’s power
Capable of destroying prey
With one swift cleave of its treacherous paw.

Importance and meaning brought forth as
Serene melody caresses the eardrums.

It ends with the ultimate word
Creating sadness of death
The elixir, to play it again.


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