Never Changing

Driving through scabrous deserts
Searching thoroughly on patrol
Sun’s searing rays ripple across our
Sunburned, dazed faces; it’s always the same.

I imagine lavish dinners with my
Serene and sexy wife seeking comfort
From my two courageous boys
Constantly causing chaos back home; never-changing.

Take a sip of blistering canteen water
In the silence of our sweating faces
Private Matthews hums a tune
That starts off a chain reaction; same old story.

Sun sets, taking safety with it
Paranoia and fear strike our very movement
Quietly yet quickly we ramble in our ride
To a safe destination only a few miles off; never gets old.

Silence is broken on the outskirts of base
A rocket was launched crippling our craft
Private Matthews laments in agony
As blood from his severed arm wraps my settled, stunned face; war never changes.

The jeep fell cracked and immobile
In silence of shock, only fire could reflect my terror.


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