On Broken Streets

Glare fades to cracks on the concrete
People constantly walking over the
Lonely, run-down sidewalks, their only
Purpose to corrode from unconcerned feet.

Grey stripes from traction on the
Shaded black streets overwhelmed by
Potholes in constant growth, like
Misery, always evolving in people’s lives.

Hands broken and ripped from pursuit of
Happiness while wrapped in greased
Cloth profuse with dirt and blood
Holding a humped and distorted tin can.

Bystanders discharge loose coins
Into the can for an amount that will
Provide a taste of what could have
Been, an infinitesimal gesture of charity.

Night falls upon the torn soul exposing
Through the quivering of a street light
A crushed figure whose tears freeze in a frigid
Gust released from the dark gloom, slumps.

Life lived in a cycle of torment for the
Unnoticed character who finds a haven on the street.


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