To Know You’re in Love

A horror film
She screams and laughs
Grabs my arm for safety
And presses her face
Into my shoulder.

I kiss the top of
Her head and pull her

We head back towards
The parking garage
Wait for the sign
That tells us to walk
She skips ahead.

I look at her
And smile because
She makes me.

A drunk man drives
Swiftly towards her
She stares, frozen in
Place as he gets closer
I run and push.

It was reaction
Everything went black
Blurred screams.

In every joint as I
Woke in an uncomfortable
Bed in the infirmary
She sat asleep with
Her hand holding mine.

Pain indescribable
Yet I laugh for I know
I love her.



Arduous day with work and classes
Driving home in the slippery sleet
Saddening deep thoughts of life
Succumbing to soothing
Shots of hard liquor.

One shot
Sitting reflectively while
Staring through the computer screen
Finding a similar face past the still
Sounds of background stridency.

Four shots
Slightly noticing the sulking of
Slanting shoulders through the
Silence of a numbing black night
Familiar to the tingling in arms.

Eight shots
Eyelids slowly begin shuttering
Solemn smile glints in the glare of a
Stilled obsidian screen as
All life halts in retrospect.

Finishing the bottle
Reminiscence of scowling memories
In hopes to forget the past
Resting sorely on the seductive sheets
Surrounded by the shaded night.