It’s dividing us
It’s made reason for conflict
It’s controlling us.



Exposure of the skin
Lashes at my back
I feel ashamed and
Humiliated as blood
Leaks from my wounds.

My hands are bound
By the Man’s conviction
Wet perspiration on
My quivering cheeks as
Prayer fills my mind.

They surround me
Taunting my differences
And my disgraced culture
My name is changed
And my life is taken.

But they shall never
Break my will as
Freedom will one day
Belong to the deserving
As my persecutors

Burn in their graves.

Tortured Yellow

You flaunt detestable words
Through fear of difference and change.
You name your names, you call out yellow
And torment the shape of eyes.

Zipper head,
Pancake face,

You change origins of pure words
To use in ridicule and misery.
Ache from your attempt to drown
In floods of vicious derision.

Jokes of the size of manhood
Even how you taunt intelligence
But when it’s thought of all you say
The body is clutched still in pity.

Because it’s known that though
You taunt with animosity
Only a man who crumbles himself
Can reflect despair to his brother.

If only an affiliation of respect
Tied a bond for broken people
There would be no disunion
Or the rape of consideration.