Blinding light from above
Covered in a red liquid
A loud squeal for fresh air.

Looking up to see a tired
Smile of pure happiness
She holds you close.

With tears running down
Her ragged, beautiful face
She gives you a name.

Going quiet, observing
Both pairs of eyes lock
Never looking away.

You feel it in your soul
An eternal love that will
Never be broken.

Happy Mother’s Day.

To Know You’re in Love

A horror film
She screams and laughs
Grabs my arm for safety
And presses her face
Into my shoulder.

I kiss the top of
Her head and pull her

We head back towards
The parking garage
Wait for the sign
That tells us to walk
She skips ahead.

I look at her
And smile because
She makes me.

A drunk man drives
Swiftly towards her
She stares, frozen in
Place as he gets closer
I run and push.

It was reaction
Everything went black
Blurred screams.

In every joint as I
Woke in an uncomfortable
Bed in the infirmary
She sat asleep with
Her hand holding mine.

Pain indescribable
Yet I laugh for I know
I love her.


Exposure of the skin
Lashes at my back
I feel ashamed and
Humiliated as blood
Leaks from my wounds.

My hands are bound
By the Man’s conviction
Wet perspiration on
My quivering cheeks as
Prayer fills my mind.

They surround me
Taunting my differences
And my disgraced culture
My name is changed
And my life is taken.

But they shall never
Break my will as
Freedom will one day
Belong to the deserving
As my persecutors

Burn in their graves.